• Temporary problems with hosting fixed

    Of course, you are noticed that the recent problems with access to our website, and performance issues of servers, for
  • Ninja Survival FirefoxOS game

    Ninja Survival dla FirefoxOS Simple ninja killer This is testing game, it is fully playable, but needs some customization, any
  • New version relaced. 0.2.6

    0.2.6 Add separate property for files and folders or change permission for all. On GNU/Linux change to polkit authorization. Please
  • New version relaced. Beta 0.2.6 RC1

    Beta version available RC1 Add set SUID and GID, change to checkboxes for more readable on GNU/Linux and OSX
  • Ubuntu Software Center.

    Now Uprawnienia application for GNU/Linux is available on Ubuntu Software Center.

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